Thursday, 8 September 2011

First days

I haven't updated this blog since April...
Anyway, I was waitlisted (#11) for Sheridan's Animation course, and actually managed to get in during late June; Can't say I was more excited than I was dreading it, but I'm here now and am surrounded by amazing artwork and talented people. I guess I'm taking my acceptance for granted, but... ahh, just work hard!

Mindless sketchbook stuff I did while on the road trip and also in classes

And well, I said I didn't want to show my first life drawings... but I think keeping a record and notes for myself comes first before shame

Mr. Thurman said that I should watch my proportions and probably take a lower seat/easel next time, because I am short and it's harder for me to draw standing at the back (I think?). And that I shouldn't focus on the anatomy bits just yet, more on the full figure and pose itself. I find it difficult to determine what parts count and what don't, though.

He also showed us that holding the conte 'underhand' is better, since it stresses the arm less and it offers more movement. I keep unconsciously going back to 'overhand', but I hope I'll be able to control it with time.

I think what is funny is that my life drawings there look pretty much like my posemaniacs scribbles. I tend to draw excessive guidelines (as I'm still unfamiliar with body structure) and too dark. Surely practice will do away with these bad habits.