Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Final projects

Finally got around to posting the semester's last assignments. Not that I did a particularly stunning job on any of them, but it's always nice to keep a record.

Digital Tools
Made a second multiplane pan.

We also made a demo reel, but I exported it incorrectly so the sound doesn't play. Oh well!

Ball & Tail, making use of what we've previously learned (Squash, stretch, S&C, anticipation, overlap action, etc.). My ball&tail moves way too fast though, because I didn't bother with slowing down some frames... ended up being 90 something pages, but it was a fun exercise because of the character acting.

Character Design
Artist profile; I did my presentation on Endling
Wasn't able to mimic his style very well at all; And I didn't realize how much it had changed over the years since what I remembered from him in 2007!

Colour mood landscapes. But I really need to learn how to use gouache opaquely.

Did a vertical pan this time. Portfolio was terrible because I didn't have enough time to redo my in-class drawings

Final project was to plan out before, and then draw our storyboard in class! Basic outline- char has a box, finds a larger box & sets aside original for it, struggles and eventually returns to the original box.
I had a lot of issues with crossing the stage line (camera). In comics it's permitted because viewers can set their own pace to study the panels, but in storyboarding for film, the viewer has to be led along since they can't choose how long to look at everything.

I pretty much used Ming & Grandpoops in all of my classes this semester.
But anyway, continue studying bones for the break !

Friday, 9 December 2011

Life Drawing class

Dumping all of this class' assignments in one post
Thurman is a good teacher. And I must say I was expecting to do worse in this class, but I'm getting consistent B's (in Sheridan's marking scheme) even though I personally think I haven't improved as much as the others; I haven't attended any extra life sessions either...

I really need to work on my gesture and volume, and a lot of other things. It always did feel like a test every session; so frustrating for me!

Life Drawing
12 minute 4-figure exercise (sep)

Portfolio 1 (sep-Nov)

Portfolio 2 (Nov-Dec)

Royal Winter Fair animal drawings (Nov. 10)
Probably by far my favourite part part of this class. I love drawing animals!
It was tougher than I expected, but I find it easier to see them in gesture/structure than humans.

Bone drawings
(Shamefully I powered through these in 9-12 hours...
and thus was more than frazzled when it came time to research and explain the parts. /terrible student)

Hands & Feet (reposting here too)

Wednesday, 30 November 2011

More stuff

Just thought I'd post a few assignments!

Digital Tools
We 'cleaned up' our bouncing and bowling ball animations in Flipbook, PS and Toonboom Animate

Multiplane assignments; one in Toonboom Harmony, the other in After Effects

oh Twitchy oooh

Applying S&C curve

My manta ray flaps too much and like a bird, oops

Inbetweening assignment - I just drew frame 2.
His left hand (our right) isn't working... wish I saw that earlier!

Character Design
Actually did this the day it was due, hence missing features in some parts and the overall ...

Grandpoops! With shortened beard for my own sanity

'Using three various shots, tell a story'
Extreme long downshot, medium upshot, over the shoulder(?)

I shouldn't have had him facing that way in the second panel though; it broke the continuity/placement.

Skies and clouds... (can tell how well that went) sigh

Texture paintings

Saturday, 22 October 2011

Reading Week 1

So we've finally reached the winter reading week of our first year; Hopefully I won't sleep or waste away this break that we've been given.
I thought I'd put up a few of the assignments I've done since we've gotten our marks back recently. I'm actually doing somewhat better than I expected; that's probably due more to teachers' kindness than personal ability... haha!
( some gifs don't seem to be working, but they show up in other browsers. Oh well. )

My title page in Digital Tools class. effort

Bouncing ball first attempt. It kind of floats rather than bounce. The teacher said to maintain the round shape as much as possible, and I overdid it; She just didn't want our balls to become too egg-like.

Revised bouncing ball. I added more squash and stretch on the impacts (17 frames)

Bowling ball. I think this was actually my favourite to work on, despite the pains of trying to draw a consistent round shape, since I didn't use a stencil. (61 frames )

The Balloon kicked my ass because I avoided it until two days before the deadline; I pulled an all nighter with a friend to work on them. It came to a point where I just didn't care to revise anymore and handed it in as is, because I did NOT want nor had the time to spend half hours to line-test 120-130 pages again and again for an addition of a few fixed or missing frames. So dumb of me, orz (126 frames)

I got to keep some balloons, though :D

Pendulum - I wanted to add a potato hanging onto it as an extra, but I was a bit delirious from toiling on the balloon... (16 frames)

S+C curve line. This was an in-class assignment and the teacher had to draw guidelines for me for the upwards motion because I was having so much difficulty grasping the concept.

Character design
Character rotation. I used younger Ming for this assignment!

I'm actually using Grandpoops and Mingming in another class as well.

Unfortunately, I didn't get around to working on the marked homework until after I finished my balloon. So I spent 15 minutes to scribble this (with improper perspective;; ) and then I passed out lol

high noon, sunset, moonlight spheres, and a painted egg from life

Life Drawing
We handed in our first portfolios last week. I've hardly improved since school began as I haven't been going to extra life drawing sessions, so in total I've only figure drawn 7 times. I really need to get my game on and start attending!
Anyway, we had a Hands & Feet observation assignment as well. As usual, I put this off in favour of other homework because I didn't think it would take that long, but in the end I had to pull another all nighter with another friend to finish. Each of these took me roughly 15-30 minutes to complete.

We're also doing group bone studies, but I have yet to draw any of the bones (pelvis, vertebrae, scapula or skull) properly. The only one I actually sketched so far is the pelvis, from back in September. Hopefully this week I will be receiving the skull to work on.

I used mechanical pencil like how I usually doodle; Now I find it better to draw observations with col-erase/ coloured pencils, like with animating. It's pretty interesting and yet rather unnerving how some drawing habits must change, but it's for the better!

Anyway, that was a rambling entry. I haven't been working as hard as I should be... I have to get it together for the coming weeks!

Thursday, 6 October 2011

First Gouache paintings

Painting assignment;Thumbnails/drafts for the environment

Using gouache for the first time -
Needless to say I was driven a little mad by this medium, because apparently I kept using too much water or pulling up the paint beneath when I didn't mean to. Results, crazy frustrated strokes. But it's pretty versatile and I hope to get better at using it.

Thursday, 8 September 2011

First days

I haven't updated this blog since April...
Anyway, I was waitlisted (#11) for Sheridan's Animation course, and actually managed to get in during late June; Can't say I was more excited than I was dreading it, but I'm here now and am surrounded by amazing artwork and talented people. I guess I'm taking my acceptance for granted, but... ahh, just work hard!

Mindless sketchbook stuff I did while on the road trip and also in classes

And well, I said I didn't want to show my first life drawings... but I think keeping a record and notes for myself comes first before shame

Mr. Thurman said that I should watch my proportions and probably take a lower seat/easel next time, because I am short and it's harder for me to draw standing at the back (I think?). And that I shouldn't focus on the anatomy bits just yet, more on the full figure and pose itself. I find it difficult to determine what parts count and what don't, though.

He also showed us that holding the conte 'underhand' is better, since it stresses the arm less and it offers more movement. I keep unconsciously going back to 'overhand', but I hope I'll be able to control it with time.

I think what is funny is that my life drawings there look pretty much like my posemaniacs scribbles. I tend to draw excessive guidelines (as I'm still unfamiliar with body structure) and too dark. Surely practice will do away with these bad habits.

Saturday, 9 April 2011

Sheridan portfolio

I thought I'd post some of the things that were in the portfolio I made for Sheridan. It is all very basic, but I learned a lot from them, so I don't consider it a waste at all - although I would have redone almost everything if given more time!

My perspective and life drawings were the main cause as to why my score suffered. I'm currently waitlisted, so I will be anticipating a final decision (hopefully soon).