Monday, 14 October 2013

Heroes and Villains!

Lining and celshade actually took double the time instead of painting. Regardless, this was a fun assignment.
This first character is my lady knight Djenn. Her armour is mostly based off of Gothic plate, and I modified its practicality slightly for this picture. There's so many more elements I wanted to fix/add but I'll settle with painting a new version... it was also my first time seeing my work as a single (questionable quality) print, other than in artbooks! Exciting.

disco dancing over extreme, oops

The life drawing poses they were based off of. I mixed some and took a lot of liberties with others.

Sunday, 13 October 2013

Second year 3D modeling

I don't really remember anything... oops. Worked in Maya.

The last one (my terribad attempt at modeling from a character sheet I did in first year) the texture was painted in Photoshop on the... skin thing. I don't recall anything at all...

And we modeled our own hands. Mine is pretty terrifying... especially with how I couldn't be bothered to model the knuckles and palm properly. LOL

Our last project was a 3D layout pan with a camera. I drew the simple pic in sai and imported the layers into Maya. It's pretty much like using After Effects for the same thing, except in actual 3D. I did a weird thing with the camera at the end . nts that move is awkward.

That wraps up my second year posts! Eager to get my third year work so far up in smaller chunks.

Second Year Group and TV boards

For Storyboard class last term, we were put into groups to board out sequences to a song and make a leica reel. We learned how to hook up to others' boards, time the shots to music (bar sheets) and composite our own sections to be put together with the others'.

Monday, 7 October 2013

Stagecoach Assignment

It's been a while since I've posted to my school blog. I figured I should get the rest of my second year work up before I start posting things from third year!

This was an assignment in Layout class in where we followed a script, researched the setting and stagecoach, made character designs and props, boarded it, and fleshed out layouts. Basically all of our classes' worth of teaching in this one assignment (excluding actual animation); Needless to say, my potato self wasn't able to keep up with the deadlines alongside other classes and I handed in rather shoddy stuff, but it was a learning experience.