Friday, 20 April 2012

Last day of school

Animation, Digital Tools
Forgot to post my head turn. Put it off too much lol, relatively boring assignment. Sir Pelinore from The Sword in the Stone

Final assignment, flour sack! Mine is kind of goopy and hyper; but I was surprised it turned out better than I expected it to, considering I animated most of it ( 120 out of 160 frames) straight ahead and without pencil-testing. How lazy can I get? lol. It took around the usual 10 hours, but with one hour devoted just to shooting and the exposure sheet. Detest those things fsdfgh

Digitools, cut-out character jump. Making and setting up the character in toonboom was a pain, but the actual animating was kinda fun. Dorky as it is;

Character Design
Used another character (anthropomorphised) of mine for this assignment... /hit
 prof said to have at least one eye showing.

Did even worse on portfolio this time (re: I had nothing) but I had a few doodly scenes I did to get some practice with the whole graticule and field guide stuff. Ahahahaaa welp

What is effort
Too lazy to put up life drawing assignments and stuff so I guess that's it for this term!

Tuesday, 3 April 2012

3 more weeks!!

All of these assignments are so last-minute, it's embarrassing LOL
Just gonna toss up a few...

Digital Tools
Multiplane walk cycle. I handed it in a whole week late!! But the professor still marked it. I'm grateful.

Chose a fox. Had trouble making it trot, so it just walks slowly.
Adjusted the legs multiple times... I thought it was interesting what little differences do.

Foxes keep their backs relatively straight and don't wag their tails much (though I made everything too straight). I goofed on a lot but ran out of time to fix before deadline lol 8)

Character Design
bad lines, wasn't thinking in the animation mindset oops

how do paint...

Measured and cut the wrong paper size. It killed my thumbnails, but I didn't want to bother again.

Novel Interior
I was trying to do a fireplace scene.

oh, what's that? Must be the sound of an all-nighter--

casually... hides face in shame.................h-hahahahaha
I never learn my lesson oh my goodness but anyway, just shows that I desperately need to practice my perspectives and buildings and stuff... And time management. Yeah 8)