Wednesday, 30 November 2011

More stuff

Just thought I'd post a few assignments!

Digital Tools
We 'cleaned up' our bouncing and bowling ball animations in Flipbook, PS and Toonboom Animate

Multiplane assignments; one in Toonboom Harmony, the other in After Effects

oh Twitchy oooh

Applying S&C curve

My manta ray flaps too much and like a bird, oops

Inbetweening assignment - I just drew frame 2.
His left hand (our right) isn't working... wish I saw that earlier!

Character Design
Actually did this the day it was due, hence missing features in some parts and the overall ...

Grandpoops! With shortened beard for my own sanity

'Using three various shots, tell a story'
Extreme long downshot, medium upshot, over the shoulder(?)

I shouldn't have had him facing that way in the second panel though; it broke the continuity/placement.

Skies and clouds... (can tell how well that went) sigh

Texture paintings