Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Tidbits from second semester

Was just organizing my files, so I figured I should post some!

Pink panther, 12 frame. Did the 8 inbetweens.

Original character walk, 16 (or 18?) frame cycle. I made a cricket waiter!

Had to change his arms to all be forward since I was running out of time. His face is too flat and doesn't rotate with the rest of the body, and the tailcoat & antennae both don't move in beat with his steps; it was too confusing for me to try and imagine so I just animated them separately. A lot of mistakes as usual, but since I am no perfectionist, I still somewhat enjoyed maso'ing over this assignment.

I still need help with s&c curve in a long path; I think I'm okay with understanding it from a fixed point (bookflip) but I really struggle with it otherwise.

Digital Tools
Learning flash. Drew Twitch again ... just because.

Character Design
Character in sequence. Probably should've had more anticipation for a better effect?

Also baby/elderly caricatures of a classmate, in practice for next assignment!
I really enjoy Enzo's in-class exercises.


This is pretty much all I ever get done in my favourite class.......

Scale vs. Proportion. Couldn't manage my desired angle in the end, so I settled for something flatter.

I also had a grand time confusing myself about the positioning of the field guides on the graticule. I'll have to figure that out soon.

Still lifes, practicing metal, transparency and fabric

You see that glass? Those impossibly warped ellipses and goopy fabric rolls?
That's me painting through the night

Master copy from the animationbackgrounds blogspot


Putting the original and my copy on the same screen makes me realize just how dull and washed out my colours are. Not to mention the ellipses again. Arrghh! ELLIPSES!!

We usually get 2-3 whole weeks or so to work on each homework assignment, but it always seems to disappear so quickly lol. Have to work on that time management.