Friday, 14 December 2012

Winter break!! char design, anim

Since we're on break, I will get to uploading our assignments. Never got around to making the second pre-reading week post so just posting everything in batches.

Character Design
Weight lift & toss character

Contrasting design characters, for walk & run

Expressions, using characters from caricatures


Wave-boat-sack: our first assignment that is more of a review of concepts; squash&stretch, s&c curves, hang time, overlapping motion, consistency/proportion/perspective... etc. We learned a bit of timing (when the boat is tossed from the water- and not look like it's jumping out), and simple effects (water adhering to boat, splash, surface detail).

Weight-lift-toss: Unconscious expression changes, planting of feet, hand grips, making things appear heavy & subsequent tightly-spaced drawings, anticipation, equal effort to lift translates to the throw. We learned in anticipation, the body will naturally move the opposite direction first from the intent, before engaging. With the heavy lift, the hips lead the body and the arms with the weight carry over last. I didn't have enough drawings for the throw or the action before it. I just traced the box over and over because I was running out of time, hence its jarring movement.

Walk-and-run: Two contrasting character designs with a run and walk cycle, and interaction. Little Mingming takes 8 drawings for two steps and is set to 1's, running; Grandpoops takes 16 drawings for two steps and set to 2's, so a 32 frame walk cycle. This assignment I worked more with different levels than in first year.

Character Expression: showing thought process of character through their emotions. Animation is all about acting/pantomime so it must read clearly and be recognizable to audience. I chose an idea in second last week and started animating 3 days before deadline, so I am happy for finishing despite simplicity. What helped me get through this quickly was drawing a character I enjoy. LOL

3D animation. I don't have video or flash of all assignments but these are my better ones.

Quadruped walk

Final assignment, walk down stairs and chair seating, with an sfx.

-Link, because it will have looping sound



    JASHFKAHSDA THAT DOGGGGG HAHHAHAHJSKFHAKSHKAHFJKAHK duuuude also your caricatures are really good LOOOL I def recognize some of them cos my sister also did some of the same people HAHAHHAHAHAH

    also ur boat with the flour sack is so cute idk why HAHAHAHAHAHHA

    1. LOL, glad to hear it! Emslie suggested pushing the body types further for the caricatures, and having more line variety- mine is apparently very even and 'bent wire'. I hope Annie did better on hers.

      Thanks for the comments too, by the way; I hardly check blogspot so I didn't realize you were leaving some! You're too kind. :D