Thursday, 30 October 2014

Double Leicas

It's been almost a year since my last post on here... having been caught up in group film work, and then subsequently nothing to do with animation afterwards, now I'm late getting back into the swing of school.
Enrollment issues aside, I dabbled with two film ideas because I couldn't choose what would work better as a school film. I ended up going with my ladybug story, but they both have similar, formulaic structures.

This year in our mentor groups, we had several Milestone deadlines to meet. It's all fairly straightforward and wasn't too difficult to catch up on. A few...

Lucy Ladybug
Beat Boards

Pitchbook (Most of this was done in third year as an assignment).

Just some. Too many pages.

Leica version 1

Leica version 3

Chip's Morning
This one was based off of a storyboard I had back in 2nd year. I reworked the boards and added a few gag elements that had been suggested to me before, but I'm not too fond of what I tried and it sort of affects the original 'wind' element I had. If I had thought further on this, I might've developed something more sensible.
Personally this one (while still a preschool/children's story style) would have been more enjoyable for me animation-wise, unlike my ladybug.


I didn't end up showing anyone this, since I messed up my exporting. :(

We have to move onto layouts and animating now.

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