Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Final projects

Finally got around to posting the semester's last assignments. Not that I did a particularly stunning job on any of them, but it's always nice to keep a record.

Digital Tools
Made a second multiplane pan.

We also made a demo reel, but I exported it incorrectly so the sound doesn't play. Oh well!

Ball & Tail, making use of what we've previously learned (Squash, stretch, S&C, anticipation, overlap action, etc.). My ball&tail moves way too fast though, because I didn't bother with slowing down some frames... ended up being 90 something pages, but it was a fun exercise because of the character acting.

Character Design
Artist profile; I did my presentation on Endling
Wasn't able to mimic his style very well at all; And I didn't realize how much it had changed over the years since what I remembered from him in 2007!

Colour mood landscapes. But I really need to learn how to use gouache opaquely.

Did a vertical pan this time. Portfolio was terrible because I didn't have enough time to redo my in-class drawings

Final project was to plan out before, and then draw our storyboard in class! Basic outline- char has a box, finds a larger box & sets aside original for it, struggles and eventually returns to the original box.
I had a lot of issues with crossing the stage line (camera). In comics it's permitted because viewers can set their own pace to study the panels, but in storyboarding for film, the viewer has to be led along since they can't choose how long to look at everything.

I pretty much used Ming & Grandpoops in all of my classes this semester.
But anyway, continue studying bones for the break !

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