Thursday, 7 November 2013

Action Analysis Assignment

What I have so far for individual assignment in Layout and Animation classes!
Chose my action as a 'jump and grab' on the dog's part; Initially it was to be a 'pitch' by the boy, but I haven't really played around with quadrupeds, so...

Workbook (storyboard to roughing out placements/layout)

Concept art package

Rough layout. Blew up the workbook and just detailed the levels. Drew at 1920x1080 instead of 1280x720, oops.

Rough animation! Did the walk cycle first after watching puppy videos (best homework).
Also was having technical issues, so I just drew the frames out in sai and exported them singly.

Class critique today said that the hang time in the air was too floaty and long- plus it pops forward out of the arc instead of dropping after reaching the apex of the jump (cue dog-hunting jokes,). DQ also commented the animation in all the parts have very even timing so everything is kind of 'soft', but taking out inbetweens shouldn't be too difficult!  Still have to animate the stick through the air (whole lot of other issues concerning pace compared to the dog's) and the water... and kid ruffs...
And make notes on the camera move, where the layout and animation should be (I drew it all weirdly so there's some funny levels shifting to do). Super simple concepts but somewhat tedious in execution as always.

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