Sunday, 13 October 2013

Second Year Group and TV boards

For Storyboard class last term, we were put into groups to board out sequences to a song and make a leica reel. We learned how to hook up to others' boards, time the shots to music (bar sheets) and composite our own sections to be put together with the others'.

Cuddles McGish was the song this year... all of us did rough character designs to be picked from after discussing the story we'd create inspired by the song. I was personally leaning more towards the mafia cats, but a club scene was amusing, too.

Beat boards for our assigned parts as well.

After finalizing character designs, we had several rough passes of our boards and story. My section was largely unchanged because it was pretty simple!

I'll edit this post with the finished leica later when I have the file...

The second term, we worked with Photoshop... unfortunately, I missed too many classes to retain much (and I regret it lots). Most of the stuff was working with pre-drawn things and either lining them or adding colours. It was less of learning how to paint and more of learning the workflow/hierarchy/structuring of layers, etc.

This one we lined and coloured the characters in Flash, and the BG in photoshop using the pen tool!

TV boards
Back to individual storyboards- we worked on tv-style boards and learned differences between film & tv. This was tied into our character design assignment as well... overall it was a bit of a nightmare for me because I screwed up on my research for my first pitch (wooden Victorian style houses =/= London, England, d'oh) and I froze up embarrassingly on my final pitch. Well, the drawing and learning part was still fun.


Boards. We only had to board one sequence.

TV board painted. Well, if you could... call it... painted.

it still hurts remembering those sleepless nights scrambling to finish projects.

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