Monday, 7 October 2013

Stagecoach Assignment

It's been a while since I've posted to my school blog. I figured I should get the rest of my second year work up before I start posting things from third year!

This was an assignment in Layout class in where we followed a script, researched the setting and stagecoach, made character designs and props, boarded it, and fleshed out layouts. Basically all of our classes' worth of teaching in this one assignment (excluding actual animation); Needless to say, my potato self wasn't able to keep up with the deadlines alongside other classes and I handed in rather shoddy stuff, but it was a learning experience.

Rough character designs
... I never made a finished version. Nor any production designs.

Rough boards

Clean boards

Establishing, 3 sequence shots, and a pan shot.

Painted Layout. I did the horizontal pan.

Westerns aren't really my preferred genre, but after looking up things I can certainly appreciate the practicality of cowboys and the towns. As a side, I watched the Dollars trilogy (with Clint Eastwood) and I can certainly agree they romanticized gunslinger fights very entertainingly.

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